четверг, 26 января 2012 г.


Well, don't think I don't keep my promise. I really tried to make some nice photos of my outfit. Dear hubby did what he could... In his defence the lighting was awful. However we'll try again this Saturday.

Also today I received an offer to try and write about art education in Europe for a Russian web site. Like I'm the expert, huh! :) Still I'm so honored and I already have some ideas. If all goes well... This could be a great thing for me. I might also write about exhibition openings and stuff like that. And of course fashion.

Sending positive vibes to the Universe. I've read in Marie Clair that it totally works. :)

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  1. you're so funny dear, ihih :) maybe it's not necessary stop eating, :D you could save in other things :D they'll will be yours you see. thank you for passing by, kisses! katefp.blogspot.com